I am a firm believer in redemption in most cases but this week while perusing news I came across an exception.

Right now, my former country of residence is awash in COVID-19 and inept political leadership like much of the world has been for the last few years and still is today. Information about the virus and the loss of hope for a quick return to normal dominates most of the headlines but one in Alberta’s center just broke through for me.

Specifically, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (C.B.C) highlighted one Dr. Fred Janke. Janke has been a physician in the Sylvan Lake area, was charged with making and distributing child pornography in 2018, had the charges stayed by the Crown in 2020 and is now still allowed to see minor patients if a chaperone is present.

For those not aware, a stay of charges up north means prosecutors (Crown) can reactivate them in a year. They were first paused due to lack of confidence in a conviction but the original case was as a result of conversations with an undercover officer. To be fair, a good argument can get anyone out of anything (ask O.J.) but there has got to be some more stringent guardrails in place for someone like this during a period where scrutiny remains.

Letting this man still be around children so long as he has another adult there is wrong.

It is like letting an accused cannibal be alone with someone so long as his mouth is closed. It is like letting Bill Cosby be in the presence of a woman so long as drug dealers, liquor stores and pharmacies near him shut down for the night and commit really strongly to doing nothing wrong. Can people really be this insufferably goofy?

I suppose so.

This man should not be practicing medicine, the Texas police officer who was accused of murdering two people should have been moved to desk duty – and not been allowed to patrol the streets – as soon as the allegations came up and generally justice (especially where I am from) needs just a little bit more sense and decency.

What do you think?

Top Image: Janke near the time of his initial arrest.

Photo by A.L.E.R.T.

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