Collecting Content: My tw(enty) cents

This space at the moment in my life is for casual writing and streams of consciousness. Right now I have decided to highlight the below piece from my personal coin collection. If you have any thoughts on this feel free to reach out.

I have done a lot of things in my life and one very much rooted in when I was alone is my collections.

This is not the case for all of course. Many find their way into hoarding a healthy amount of something as a result of friends but I found interest and solace in such a routine when I was younger due to exclusion from peers and a grandfather (the other encouraged the direction as well, to a lesser extent) who always delighted in bygone eras.

There were helmets from the Second World War here,

Comics from the Golden Age of the medium there,

And coins from Canada and all over the world everywhere,

I do not remember when I started but he helped me out with a J.F.K 50 cent piece and I was hooked. There is something brilliant about holding an old coin in your hands and so I invite all of you to look at the below item;

This is a 20 cent piece from the United States. It was only minted from 1875-78 and obviously lost out to the quarter we all known and love today. I have always adored the design, wonder what things would be different if it lasted longer and feel a certain magic when I remove the item from storage to display it or look at it myself.

Who held this?

What journey did it have to go on in order to remain in such good shape?

Will it be something people keep in my family in the future or will it be lost on the current of trade?

I cannot say I know at this time. All I am certain of is my privilege in having it and sharing it with all of you. Wherever you live, look to the currency of the past, you might learn something and find delight you’d never have known otherwise. Today was built on yesterday and it is SO important for all walks of life to know this notion.

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