Right now I am keeping my publishing casual and am comparatively more snippy about issues in Canada (given I no longer work up there it makes it easier) and decided to highlight this bit for this week’s post on my blog.

Oh, how the normally smug have fallen.

While my present place of residence begins to drag itself out of the horror that has been the COVID-19 pandemic the other is in yet another wave rife with even more government ineptitude. The tweet above came from this report and while I do not want to talk about the pandemic (who does at this point?) Canada’s fumbles are scary.

I was told growing up this was a land of great achievement and a place with America’s assets and not its flaws.

I was told Canadian politicians know what they are doing and that the country can handles its emergencies.

I was told (and at the time, to be fair, it was looking this way) the U.S. should look to us for how to beat COVID-19.

The new reality could not be further from the truth. Yes, I have mentioned it before but it is worth saying again;

The northern ship of state is being steered by fools. There is a collection of Mr. Magoo’s at the provincial level and a man who talks like someone who makes their living selling crystals and spells at a hippie store federally.

Mask mandates should have been imposed far earlier in Alberta and Ontario and elsewhere and a new capacity to manufacture vaccines domestically should have been the top of the Liberal agenda at the start. Instead voters got fights with experts and a continued focus on climate change which should have been put on the back burner.

I wish everyone up there well. Especially when you are on your fourth or seventh round of lockdowns.

When that happens, keep calm and remember who you last voted for.

Top Image: Via Marco Verch on Flickr.

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