Into the (professional) unknown

Hello dear reader, we’ve been through a lot in this space over the last while, but, now, it is time for change.

On Friday I begin publishing content in my own local news outlet and I could not be more excited and yet nervous at the same time. It is a new frontier, one which has received a strong initial response and something I hope you will come with me on from wherever you have read something I have filed here in the past. Whether it has been my struggle with COVID-19, my love of collecting coins or my recent union with my wife, I feel like I have opened my heart and had a wholesome time sharing what has been on my mind usually at the first Friday of each month.

But, now, it is time to do something similar in my community. Onward to The Wausau Sentinel and, for now, this space is in suspended animation. Maybe I will post things on the 15th like I once did to stretch my writing muscles, and maybe I will not. I do know though, I am stepping into a jungle, and hope to emerge from it rich.

Take care, be well and remember to be good to yourselves and each other.