Hello and welcome to my website. I am a multimedia professional, journalist and writer based in Minocqua, Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast production and a master’s degree in international journalism.

After working for three years as a local broadcaster in Canada, I left to begin my college career in the U.S. and have been fortunate to work on various projects across multiple media platforms. To date I’ve covered the Trump inauguration for the Regina-Leader Post (My writing for this event was then picked up nationally.) freelanced for movie and television news website Screen Rant and currently work as a journalist for The Lakeland Times.

*Note, if the content on the link doesn’t load just hit refresh and it should.

When not working on professional projects, I enjoy writing, playing video games, spending time with my beloved dog and exploring wherever I am living at the moment. Please feel free to take a look at my work and education history, recommendations as well as samples of my writing, video, photography and interview work that I have posted on here as well.


In the field covering the inauguration of President Donald Trump.





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