As I begin 2022, I find I am facing the year with a refreshing continuity I’ve rarely had.

In the past I’ve been a wanderer. I spent a year here, a few months there and combined with a poor ability to take care of myself and flings and flames which never lasted more than a metaphorical minute I was a mess. I never made anything interesting, hurt people and did whatever I could to get ahead even if an advantage would only cover minutes or hours.

Then, as fate would have it, I met my wife.

Those of you who have read my work before know our story. A dating app, long distance, the behemoth which is the U.S. immigration system and then, finally, living our lives together.

So far, it has been pretty good.

Sure, there are the adjustments and growing pains which come with being close to someone under the same roof and in a new place but honestly, after a year I find I mostly don’t miss my old chaotic routines. I do not need to stay up until the wee hours smoking and eating entire large pizzas by myself, I do not need to take myself and my dog out onto the lawn to use the bathroom together and I certainly do not feel the need (most days) to strike out at my poor relatives with a snide retort or sharp letter.

I’ve grown a bit and it is time to try and take this mindset to my writing, too. I may be frustrated with where it is at the moment, but in no way, shape or form would I ever leave it alone though I am doing some other things right now.

I do not think I ever could, but I think I could stand to be much less harsh on myself than I have been and those who know me well have witnessed with great worry. In this year I am going to publish on a stable schedule, not sweat it if I get tied up with chaos or nonsense and try to have some hope the things I want to do will end up actually happening.

Some are pending as I type this, so we shall see.

Apart from this, I pledge greater variety. More poems, the occasional photograph, perhaps some filmed content (which I have not done in years) and I will try to find something which can be impactful to the community I now call home as a husband and a deeply proud immigrant.

It will not be easy. Old habits die hard and setbacks can come up as frequently as a politician lies or one finds a flaw in the Canadian healthcare system. So, if you see this dear reader, do try to hold me to account. I may not like it and I may be snarky, but I’ll love you for it later on.

As always, take care, rest well and be safe.

Top image via Pixabay

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