The Wausau Police Department is again advising the public about the release of two offenders to the city.

According to two statements sent out earlier today David Muench and Jordan Gautreaux will be back in the area Dec. 17 and 28 respectively. Muench’s supervision period ends in 2030 while Gautreaux’s ends in 2028 and the pair will live in transitional housing near the Marathon County Courthouse. Crimes between the two include enticement of a child, possession of child pornography and the second-degree sexual assault of a child.

The ongoing addresses and statuses of the pair will be updated and available online at the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. State law requires those who finish a sentence to be sent back to the area where the crime was committed and while some follow the rules, this is not always the case. Earlier this year Robert E. Johnson Jr. was released and publicized by the department. He allegedly tampered with his monitoring equipment in November and an arrest warrant was issued before he subsequently turned himself in to authorities.

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