I am feeling a bit sick today so this post has no examination of a big idea, no rambling and raving about a ridiculous notion and unfortunately no musings which make any man or woman stroke their chin in delight.

Instead, I wanted to bring your attention to the coming American Women quarters program. This is another initiative being used to replace the reverse of the Washington quarter which has been done with each state and the various national parks since 1999. While those series documented each region of the country and a national park from each state as expected, the imminent one is only devoting itself to a handful of remarkable women.

In contrast to the 50- and 56-pieces scores of people around the planet scooped up there will just be 20 designs available beginning in 2022 and lasting through 2025 before they are swapped out with another group of designs. So far great Americans like Anna May Wong and Sally Ride are there and this is nice, to be fair, but why is this group getting short-shrift in comparison to each of the states and areas where Americans go to do camping?

Could you imagine how pissed people would be if a series of quarters about male veterans or any other group with this gender got the same treatment? It would be a never-ending discussion on the cable news networks.

Call your representatives about it. It is pathetic, annoys me to my core as a lover of history and a collector and is not something I would ever let happen were I a member of Congress with the ability to influence the US Mint.

Top Image: The first designs in this shockingly short circulating commemorative coin program. Via US Mint.



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