I often say you never know how you will be in a situation until you are in it. This has prevented me from weighing in on more than a few things but for once I have to break my rule and speak.

Specifically, some of the responses to a recent mass survey from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which is linked on the U.S.A Today website rang as completely and utterly delusional. It asked about 2,000 parents and caregivers in the United States their challenges and hopes for the future and made me wonder if many are still taking drugs like they did in college.

Somehow more than 90 percent of those sampled believed their children will have more opportunities to succeed than they had in their own childhoods. I may be dark and cynical here and to be fair my position may change when my wife and I have kids, but, yeah right. In an era of immense political gridlock combined with public officials not really wanting to solve problems out of fear of not having something to motivate their supporters, I think this is as likely as me having a ponytail, reconnecting with old acquaintances or learning to fly like a bird.

As well, a further data point found those the foundation talked to said a strong work ethic was important for getting through tough times and ultimately succeeding. While this can make a difference, it rings to me like window dressing on a world with much broader problems. Hard work can only take you so far. If you do not have assets and advantages to steer you through chaos you can be screwed six ways from Sunday. After all, a high number of bankruptcies come from medical bills and just gumption alone is not enough to get those into a manageable state.

Bottom line is, I really would like to see people raising the next generation have a little more realistic of an outlook on the challenges they will face. The world is not sunshine and rainbows, there is no magic pill for success and you cannot always grow up to be whatever you want to be.

To borrow a line from Chris Rock in one of his specials, it is more like you can be whatever you are good at, and only then if people somewhere like your style and are presently hiring staffers.

Top image via pixabay.com.



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