Travelling right now is not an easy thing but I still believe it can be done safely and so do several experts.

I carried out this point of view recently and went down to the city of New Orleans for the first time with my better half. While normally this space is for essays and other content I try and crank out when I can and when passion finds me, I am opting to take a lighter tone with this post. You will not find musings on the human condition, hope, dread or other things which can give one the doldrums. Enjoy these photos and recommendations instead.

Parkway for the po’boys

We stopped at the Parkway Bakery and Tavern towards the end of our journey for one of the traditional Louisiana sandwiches one can get with fried seafood or roast beef. While I had previously had a variant of the dish during a night out in another part of the United States, the food at this restaurant which once served former President Obama blew that experience out of the water. If you are ever fortunate enough to find yourself down in the South and want something to eat this should absolutely, positively, utterly not be missed during your visit.

Calm in the Quarter

As anyone who has been up late watching paid programming on basic cable knows, no visit to New Orleans is complete without a stop in the French Quarter of the city. This is a particular highlight for those invested in debauchery during Mardi Gras celebrations but when we were there things were unusually calm and un-crowded. This was probably helped by it being one of the coldest February weeks in the area in more than a century, but we still had fun. Even if the weather is bad it is well worth going to take in the sights and sounds.

How many words are these worth?

To borrow a style from Eminem, this is the part where the piece signs off. Normally something with punch would be here. I would talk about concerns for the future, issue a scathing rebuke or a call to action on some problem.

None of this now though! All I have here are these pictures.

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