This piece will get to a matter presently in the news, but in a subtle way. For those who have not seen the interview the below lines touch on, it is available on CBS’s website and a number of select clips are available to watch on YouTube.

I am rarely amazed by things but one which always stuns me is the love millions have for the elite and inbred.

For those unfamiliar with my work, the above was a dig at the House of Windsor. Better known by many as the United Kingdom’s monarchy, this group has been fawned over for decades, has a willingness to fraternize with some of the world’s worst dictators and is given undeserved honours from societies they are not even from.

To be fair, I am not from Europe and obviously have a different perspective. This is fine to note. I am sure if I was born abroad my point of view might be different, but I was not. I grew up in a society where these individuals are deemed worthy to grace currency in spite of doing nothing for Canada apart from visiting and waving occasionally all while expecting millions who cannot even afford to travel abroad to bow to them as “subjects.”

This is madness. It is a product of medieval thinking and one more liberal people continue to give a pass to.

“The answer is not to suddenly toss out all the institutions and start over,” Liberal Party of Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in the wake of questions about the role of a system of government which says some people are better than others because of where they were born or what they married into. “The answer is to look very carefully at those systems and listen to Canadians who face discrimination … to understand the barriers.”

What a ridiculous non-answer. We all need to be clear about one thing in 2020, a family which has been in power for more than 100 years is not an institution. That’s oligarchy with a smile, fascism without the horrors which follow the ideology and a personality cult without … well … I am pretty sure it is that last one at the present.

After all, how often have you heard these people just NEED their wealth and perks and government backing just … because. The bottom line is they do not. The monarchy must be abolished and punted into history’s dustbin.

At the end of the day, if you want to worship someone who is famous for being famous, there are many more.

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