As I sit down in my childhood bedroom to write this piece, my car is packed, my beloved dog and best friend Raj is (Like myself) antsy and a bit uneasy about the future and, once more, I am preparing to travel to a place I have never been to before in order to take my first post-post-secondary education job. Last time, it was in Kentucky. Now, I’m headed off to Wisconsin.

A few years ago, I thought I was going to make it in the television industry. With an education and a small smattering of experience I figured (Like most morons out of their undergrad.) that I would stumble into something, work my way up after a span of monotonous work and eventually settle into a groove that made me happy and generated a decent enough income that I could live in comfort for the rest of my days or until I got bored and decided to mount a political campaign.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead, I found myself in a rut. I was unhappy, had no room for advancement, ultimately was worn down by the work and didn’t forge any meaningful connections with my co-workers. After a few months, I and my place of work agreed it was not a good fit and I ended up departing.

Now, normally in a situation like this, people look for some other work in their field and go on to forget the tough time they had at one area. But, I decided to embark on a much different path.

I chose to go (Thanks to the magical and mighty system of student loans!) to graduate school. In my 20’s, I was embarking on a quest for another piece of paper that most people (Or so I think.) don’t bother to get until they’ve been active in their chosen field or field for several years.

Long story short, I thought I’d fuck it up (Like most big things I give a shot and then succeed at.), didn’t and now have a more prestigious level of education. Though many would speak ill of the value of a journalism degree in a day and age where anyone who practices writing a lot can eventually get into the field, I have to say this, my time at A.U. in D.C. was utterly lovely.

I got to make things on a daily basis that were unique and interesting to more than just my usually disinterested parents and other blood relatives, was encouraged by delightfully engaging professors who are experts in their craft and met colleagues who I will be lifelong friends with.

Ultimately, what I am trying to say with this blog is this dear reader. If ever you find yourself in a phase of your life where you are discontent with what you are doing after your time spent getting a bachelor’s degree has reached its end, go to grad school if you can swing it and work on something related to, but different from your original disciplines. You’ll be really glad you did.

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