Before you read further, there be spoilers below!

Earlier today, in yet another attempt to escape briefly from the increasingly terrible rut and ho-hum life I find myself in, I went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming A.K.A Sony’s Apology for Fucking Up the Character. Now, normally, I would do one of those snazzy “The Good, The Bad & The Verdict” articles and the dozens and dozens of people who think I have talent as a writer would be impressed and would take my words to heart before flocking off towards the theater.

But, as I wrote one very recently for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, I’m going to pass this time.

Instead, I want to tell you about an idea I had for where to take the character and the actors inside his world in future films. According to recent reports from Marvel, Peter Parker and crew have a five-film story in the M.C.U. One of those entries should introduce one of the other Spider-Men.

Now, to the common reader, I’m sure what I just said sounds a little silly. “But Evan”, you exclaim, “there aren’t any other Spider-Men, that’s just silly and borderline hogwash!” Well, you’d be wrong my dear man or woman, Peter Parker isn’t the only web-head in the world.

Ever heard of Miles Morales?

Introduced in 2011, the Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli created character was inspired by former President Obama and Homecoming star Donald Glover and spent much of his early publication history in Marvel’s alternate Ultimate universe before being introduced into the mainstream 616 continuity maintained by the one-time “House of Ideas” since the 60’s.
Initially, the characters reception was divided. While some lauded his creation and eagerly looked forward to what stories he’d be featured in next, I and others (Including rightist Glenn Beck.) saw the character as a bit of a gimmick designed to cash in on the new president.

Boy, was I wrong.

In the years since his introduction, Morales has grown into a character just as good, if not at times better than the original Parker. He is charming, has some cool different abilities and brings a really unique perspective to being a super-hero that isn’t often seen in the comic book form. Often times, black superheroes are adults or the sidekicks of older, decades old characters.

Though he’s getting his own animated film in the next few years, he needs to appear in the flesh in the M.C.U at some point. And that looks likely, given that…. SPOILER AHEAD….

Donald Glover plays the characters uncle in Homecoming and alludes to his existence!

If I had the chance to do it, I’d craft it as a buddy cop film. Have Peter and Miles work side-by-side to take down a pair of villains out in New York and the surrounding area. Often times it’s said that the various M.C.U films are different genres in disguise, so this could totally work.

Or, Sony could fuck it up again. And if that happens, we’re all being dis-served by not getting to see this character shine in person. He’s terrific and needs to be in a live-action film ASAP!

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