America on Display

Right now, it’s the early evening. Food is on its way to me, my beloved dog Raj is sleeping and I am well rested in a hotel room in the great state of Wisconsin. I drove here yesterday on a 16 hour sojourn from Montana where I was visiting an old friend and had a blast on the highway.

I truly believe that every man and woman should, at some point in their life, drive across the nation that they live in in an automobile. Be it bus, motorcycle or moped, you learn a lot about how a society functions and have the delight of bearing witness to cool things when moving about in this manner. In my case, I got to see the uniqueness of different parts of America.

In Montana, I stopped in at a roadside attraction that put several famous automobiles on display for any member of the public to come gawk at. At the time I was there, the business was being run by a child who couldn’t have been any more than 10 years old, a delightful and snarky chap, he made some rather impressive sarcastic remarks about my former country of boyhood residing.

In Wyoming whilst stopped at a gas station alongside the interstate, I bumped into two men in suits who were traveling in a 66 Impala. When I moved to take a picture of them and it, they grew hostile and actually threatened to call the local police. Clearly, Winchesters they are not.

When I was roaming through South Dakota, I stopped at a local souvenir store on an Indian Reservation and had a delightful conversation with the clerk behind the counter, much to my surprise, she revealed herself to be Trans – gender. I wouldn’t have realized it at all otherwise.

From there, I went on to Minnesota and finally where I am at currently. Coming into the land of cheese-heads, I’m fairly sure I saw a UFO on my turns along the interstate and witnessed fog so thick that it reminded me of something out of Silent Hill, breathtaking and somewhat alarming.

Tomorrow, I will continue on and eventually come to my new residence in Washington, D.C. I don’t know what else I will experience on this trip, but I know what I have learned so far. America is a great nation not because of any one group of people or particular place (I’m excluding Mississippi here because it’s awful.), we all have immense worth and things to add to our society’s value and nowhere aside from the state I mentioned above is truly awful in every way. The sooner everyone gets to realize that in the same way that I have the better we’ll be.

I am the Highwayman

Roaming, wandering through out the land

Never stopping in any one place

But always willing to take a stand

If you see out on the road

Don’t come too close

As I’m never a man to keep a rigid post

I am the Highwayman

Wandering, rambling and roaming the open road.

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