Ghosts of the Past

The other day whilst out walking my dog I happened to get myself into a scenario all too common for those who have left the place they were raised in behind both in the physical and psychological sense (No fond memories.), I bumped into a former friend from my childhood.

We had a cordial bit of chit-chat in the parking lot of the local park. The usual “How are you” and “What Have You Been Doing Now” exchanges were had and I went on with my day. As my former peer drove off, I couldn’t help but muse to myself on the tone of our brief interaction.

In a break from the past, it was quite civil. Whereas before this fellow once literally referred to me as a slur normally reserved for gay men any time I entered his vision, now the man who I once thought of as an ignorant rube genuinely seemed pleased to have encountered me that day.

Like politics I suppose, people change on a dime as well. In this man’s own way, he is taking a page from Republican Rick Perry of Texas. Perry once referred to Donaldo Trumpolini as a cancer on conservatism and just recently endorsed him in the 2016 election. Perhaps such blatant flip-floppery is in my acquaintances future. Then again, maybe not, he never was very articulate.

Later that evening, I must admit that I gave into a stereotype long associated with Facebook and other forms of social networking, I used it to dig up people from my long blacked out past. Perhaps they had found some form of success or perhaps not, it would be amusing to find out.

One of the most attractive women from my high school ended up marrying one of the biggest pieces of shit who spent more time getting into trouble there than he did learning. Based on the photos they have online, they seem to be happy, but very working class and complacent.

The guy who is a Canadian copy of my nemesis from college, he lives on the west coast now, based on what I can see he seems to have gotten over his blatant homophobia. If the pictures of him in drag and standing between two shirtless men on a beach in a speedo are accurate that is.

Finally, perhaps most appropriate of all. The fellow who enjoyed skating and not much else still lives in my hometown. Due to his employment with an oil company and the turbulence that that commodity has had in pricing lately, I imagine he’s pretty nervous about his job security, I am.

Ultimately, though it can be fun and interesting to see where people from past times in your life have wound up. It can also be sad and illuminating too. For every person who I think has gone on to lead a pathetic and ho-hum existence, I imagine there are several people who would say the same of me. In short, affluence and good fortune is all a matter of interpretation. At least I think.

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