The 28 9/11 Commission Report Pages: An Explainer

As you know if you’ve followed my writing published in the past, I’m not a fan of Saudi Arabia or the relationship that nation has with the United States. It’s one sided, highly exploitative and the cause of most of the misery that has plagued the Middle East for decades and ruined many lives.

Though criticism from the United States has been few and far between in the past, a groundswell movement has taken hold in recent times to challenge that prevailing status quo. Earlier this month, CBS aired a report on 60 Minutes that detailed the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that were classified by the Bush Administration for reasons of “National Security” and continue to be kept secret by the Obama Administration despite growing calls for their release.

For those not aware of this issue or who have tertiary knowledge of it, I’ve written a handy explainer for you. Below, you will find answers to some common questions about this story.

  1. What do the 28 pages contain?

According to former Florida Senator Bob Graham, the pages detail extensive, but unverified examples of support for the hijackers that came from the Saudi Government. Allegedly, the document reads like a grand jury indictment or a police report. At the time of the final reports publication, the ranking Republican representative on the commission pushed for the pages to be included, but was told by then FBI Director Robert Mueller that they needed to be classified because, and I am not quoting a parent speaking to a 5 year old here “we said so and it needs to.”

  1. Who wants them released?

Apart from the previously mentioned members of the commission, a number of well-known politicians have come out in favor of opening the documents up for public viewing. Nancy Pelosi, Walter B. Jones, Charles Schumer and Sam Brownback have all called for the pages to be declassified at one point or another in their political careers. When deeply liberal and conservative people are in agreement, perhaps what they want is the right thing.

  1. What do the Saudi’s think?

According to recent reports, the Kingdom that is essentially Daesh with international legitimacy has threatened financial consequences if a bill that would allow 9/11 families to sue the regime in American court is passed by Congress. That seems like their position is pretty clear, but over a decade ago a senior Saudi Prince advocated for their release and claimed the House of Saud had nothing to hide. Clearly, much like OJ “I got away with it” Simpson, they have something secret.

  1. What will President Obama do?

No one really knows. Supposedly, his national security team is reviewing the documents to make sure nothing in them violates national security, but I personally don’t believe that. As long as oil continues to be a driving force behind the world economy and as long as the Saudi Regime continues to pay lip service towards fighting terrorism whilst helping kill Americans and other good people behind the scenes, these pages will stay secret and the truth will never be known.

And that dear reader is the greatest tragedy of all.

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