Why won’t Ted Cruz call Colorado’s latest Shooting Terrorism?

Another day, another mass shooting in the land of Kobe’s Rape and Columbine, if you’ve been living under a rock or in a Vault to prepare for nuclear holocaust, allow me to explain for you.

Last Friday, a psychopath shot up a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs. After cowardly slaying a Desert Vietnam veteran and a police officer in the ensuing gun battle that followed with law enforcement. The deranged madman eventually surrendered to police. According to law enforcement sources, he reportedly said “No more baby parts” while being taken into custody. Facts and motivations are not fully clear at this time, but one thing is.

Mainly in my view, it’s likely that this incident is a case of domestic terrorism. Mike Huckabee was correct in labeling it that and deserves accolades for stating the truth. According to current reporting, the loser in this case has been described as a reclusive loner with few known political or religious opinions, though he did once give an Anti-Obama pamphlet to a nearby neighbor.

One disbeliever in that reality seems to be current Republican Presidential Candidate and fellow Ex-Canadian Ted Cruz. In statements to the media after the incident, he referred to it as a tragedy and claimed that the perpetrator was a transgendered activist and registered independent. Despite the fact that no media outlet (Including Fox News.) has backed up that claim, the origination of which seems to be from Gateway Pundit, an ideological blog pretending to be a real news site.

To Mr. Cruz, I say this. Your blatant inconsistency is on full display.

You are a man who repeatedly calls out President Obama for refusing to use the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism” when referencing attacks committed by illegitimate Muslims around the globe. Just recently, you even referred to the President as an “Apologist” for radical Islamic terrorists. While it is correct that administration officials don’t use the term, it does not give you a pass to excuse the behaviour of someone who is on the fringe of your side of the spectrum.

Quite simply, Mr. Cruz needs to practice what he preaches and more often than not screeches. Too often those of a Liberal or Conservative bent get away with condemning behavior committed by those on the other side of the aisle while excusing it when committed by those who are close to their ideology. Enough is enough. Man up and call the gunman a terrorist.

As an aside, I just want to say this. My views on abortion, like a majority of Americans, are complicated. It is not as some want to portray it a matter of being either pro-life or pro-choice, but a matter of realism. I’m generally a pro-life guy, but I also know that sometimes a pregnancy can pose a threat to the life of the mother. Though rare, complications like that can occur. For that reason, I believe the procedure should be safe, legal and ideally rarely needed in America.

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