Work samples

Below is a bit of what I feel is some of my best work in a variety of media forms. There is some written reporting, opinion content and video and photographic work as well. I have other work on file and will provide it upon request. Click on the name of each item to see more.

Written reporting

Local cannabis stores having mixed success with supply

While there are reports of legal cannabis retailers in Alberta facing supply issues a week into legalization, local Tri-Region businesses are not as troubled. In this piece I reported on the effects of cannabis legalization and the supply issues for businesses in the immediate aftermath of the change. While local independent stores had issues, larger corporate entities were doing better. 

Gallagher moves to partially ban political fundraising

U.S. Rep. Michael Gallagher, R-Wis., has spoken his mind on the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now, the freshman congressman is going his own way on campaign finance. With this story, I spoke to a U.S. Congressman on his legislation and asked him challenging questions. I can handle interviewing officials who may be seen by others as likely to dodge questions. 

Gresham’s past stays on track

For those looking to Shawano County’s past for an afternoon of entertainment on a weekend, the Gresham Depot Museum has a diverse display of items from bygone times. This was a short profile I wrote on a lesser-known and not as well-visited community museum in a small Wisconsin town. I think it worked well. 

Still water

From Sept. 22-24, veterans of past and present conflicts in which the U.S. armed forces have played a role got together at the Eagle Waters Resort in Eagle River. They were there to fish, and not to fight. In one of my favorite pieces for The Lakeland Times, I spent a weekend profiling several wounded warriors as they relaxed by going fishing. 

Northwoods Transit Connections expands under cloud of controversy

On Nov. 17, The Lakeland Times reported on a proposed pilot transportation route for residents of the Minocqua and Woodruff areas which would see individuals transported to Minocqua Winter Park in order to ski and use the facilities at the wooded site. In this piece, I did a bit of investigating and uncovered unintentional misconduct at a government organization which used loopholes to get ahead of private business and didn’t follow rules set by the state. 

Pretzer: Trump’s inauguration ushers in new era of hope and doubt

While Donald J. Trump’s speech and rioters were the focus of most media coverage during the inaugural ceremonies Friday, supporters and detractors of the one-time real estate mogul also took to the streets of the District of Columbia to voice their concerns and optimism for America’s future. I pitched this to the Regina Leader-Post before President Donald Trump was inaugurated and had the article initially ran by them before it was picked up by major Canadian media outlets like the Montreal Gazette. 



COLUMN: Is no one allowed to grow up anymore?

As my colleague here put it in his column last week, “I am outraged over all the outrage.” Right now, I slightly feel the same about the UCP’s Jason Kenney. In this item, I penned an argument saying that, while his comments on gay rights from the ’80s were horrifying, his actions since show significant change and people should still be allowed to go and mature. 

Forget physical fitness

In recent reports – and at times, during the course of the 2016 election – greater public scrutiny has been drawn towards the diet of President Donald Trump. One need not look far to find articles in publications like The New York Times and The Hill detailing his rabid fascination with fast food and readers expressing amazement it hasn’t killed him. To this I say the following, who cares? In another piece related to President Trump, I argue this, why does his health matter? For any elected person, we should be demanding information about the health of their mind. That is more important. 



Samples of some of my pictures I have taken. All of these are a mixture of mobile shots and some digital camera work. 


Box Girl Documentary Short

A short documentary film I made in 2013 in Kenya while studying abroad. It was very hard, but very rewarding.