Tumblr is Odd

These days, everyone on the internet has a space to call their own (Myself included.). For some, YouTube is their proverbial Fortress of Solitude. For others, the warm glow of WordPress is the outlet which they flock to in order to broadcast their lives and inner feelings to the world at large.

And then, there’s Tumblr.

Like that one weird uncle who hasn’t been seen at Thanksgiving in years due to his inappropriate relationship with a goat, this yahoo owned outlet is often home to some of the most fucked up and utterly depraved personal spaces online. I could tell you about the weird teenage community that idolizes the Columbine Killers or the strange woman in Los Angeles who writes about her sexual depravities and daily routine, but I won’t. Instead, I decided to hunt for new kooky places.

Below, you’ll find some of the odd sites I was able to dig up using data from Google about their most searched terms in 2014. As you can see, anonymity is a license to let your freak out online.

  1. The Bizarre Robin Williams Chronicles

On this bare bones site which hasn’t been updated for 4 years, the author seems to be telling some sort of fictitious tale of a Williams unafraid to delve into the ugly side of life. In the three posts, a drug run with an associate named Javier, work at Foot Locker and an octogenarian woman all appear. I’m wondering what’s next? Update your site fair chronicler. We want to read more!

  1. World Cup X Game of Thrones

If I’m being honest, I suppose this one is a fitting crossover. Like Westeros, the World Cup is beset by corruption, marred by occasional violence and usually a lot of pre and post-game sex. On this blog, the creator has seen to it to create House Banner style graphics for each competing country. Now I only hope he eventually updates it with lots of ridiculous character comparisons.

  1. An Inconsistent Ebola Site

Everyone remembers this shitty (Ha!) disease and the havoc it wreaked on West Africa last year. What most doesn’t remember is the insanity of the memes that cropped up around the ensuing media coverage. On this site, between serious photos lie pleas to follow before the poster kills himself, bizarre Photoshop images showing Daesh and typically, pictures of the owner’s cat.

  1. A Respectful MH370 Site

We see this all the time in the aftermath of a tragedy or other event where answers are slow to come if at all. Wild and insane conspiracy sites, so the fact that this blog is surprisingly respectful and works on debunking the myths around this event stood out to me. Much like the lone clean prostitute in a brother, the admin here is doing noble work that won’t turn the tide.

  1. Flappy Philosophizing

Remember Flappy Bird? I certainly do. The addictive and highly challenging mobile game briefly took the world by storm last year before disappearing as quickly as it rose. Here, the sites author has posted a surprising number of posts on the deeper meaning of the silly time waster. There’s even a piece talking about what the game can teach one about love. Amazing, truly.

If I’ve learned one thing from my hour in the proverbial Mos Eisley of the Blogging Sphere, it’s that people can and will write about anything. All they need is time and passion to publish it.

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