If you’ve seen me up close in recent years you may know I am not exactly fit, but at a level where if I died you would ask what happened. This has been mostly fine, but I’ve struggled lately and also found a way to improve.

Surprisingly enough, its not been through dieting, a new form of exercise or abstaining from any solid food like the time I consumed nothing but Soylent for a month. No, instead, I have swapped my bad habit of buying snack food for getting new coins for my collection whenever I haver surplus money at the end of a week and it’s wild.

I’ve dropped from a height of 220 lbs. to less than 190 over a couple of months and at the same time added things to my collection I have long wanted, but could never take the plunge on in the past due to my vices. I feel good, my work has been coming along better than it has in a while and highly recommend this kind of thing to anyone struggling with a problem and not being too sure what the best path to get over their hump really is.

After I’m done the Washington Quarters above, I may shift to a book of Kennedy Half-Dollars. From there, I could do a Peace Dollar Album, some Buffalo Nickels, Large Cents or even some Indian Head Cents if I felt the need. I never thought this could work when I started but now, I’m building my future, setting good habits and have money in the bank for things much more interesting than a can of soda or some nasty, sweet and processed shit.

So, to you dear reader, I say this, things may be hard, but there is always a path through them. It may take some creativity, but one can find it with hard work, determination and innovation and if you’ve done something similar to handle a problem let me know. All gets easier, but, not without a little bit each day, week, month or year of life.

I’m tickled I can see this now.



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