NOTE: This post contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Marvel movies prompt plenty of speculation from the public and the coming Spider-Man film is no exception.

Since Spider-Man: No Way Home was announced and even before its title was revealed the rumor mills of the internet have been grinding content in overdrive for a hungry public. Would Tobey Maguire return? Would Andrew Garfield get another chance after his mixture of middling and maligned entries from the late 2010’s?

All fine and dandy to wonder about. I personally think at this point fans are being led into an Iron Man 3 Mandarin situation and the versions of Peter Parker who pop up in the picture will not be who we expect. Maybe we’ll see Nicholas Hammond, maybe we’ll see Christopher Daniel Barnes and I am confident this is all an impressive bait.

Because, if you remember the other movies (and let’s be real, parts have been forgettable), the MCU versions have liked to surprise and do things no one saw coming going in or things only leaked a week or so in advance.

No one (and correct me if I am wrong) went into the first part of this trilogy knowing Michael Keaton’s antagonist would be revealed as the father of Peter’s first love interest. No one knew right off the bat J.K. Simmons would return in the second and our hero’s identity would be outed to the public right before the credits started rolling.

It is plausible something very out of the blue is coming. There is precedent, studios have gotten better at preventing leaks and there are too many crackpots and trolls online who will gin up something fake, but realistic looking in order to draw viewers to their platform of choice. I hope it will be something good, but it may not be.

Though, to be fair, isn’t this what we want out of movies? Better than formulaic and cliched nonsense at least.

Top Image via Sony Pictures

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