I see a lot of nonsense in schools and once more another incident has compelled me to write about it.

This time a child was not handcuffed and a disabled child was not excluded from a photograph. No, instead, a teenager reported a sexual assault. On a planet not filled with lip-wriggling insane people this would warrant support, impartiality and a vigorous investigation. Instead local station WBTV in North Carolina reported the young lady was suspended and made to attend a class titled “Sexual Harassment is Preventable.”

Yes. A victim of an alleged crime has to attend a class to learn how to stop another’s behavior. In spite of police charging the child and the mother of the victim noting he admitted to it, this was apparently not good enough for the bozos overseeing the daily operations and services down at the Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences.

One wonders how they would behave in other situations?

Perhaps current principal Diann Weston would call the police on a student with a stab wound while another stands by covered in blood, holding a knife, jumping up and down and screaming “I did this, I did this,”?

Maybe teachers at the school would insist on women covering their elbows and wrists while men walk around naked and spraying fluids around the furniture and other fixtures like Elmer Fudd letting fly with his spit?

The bottom line is, while ideologues fight over what to teach the youth of today, they are ignoring what is a crisis of competence in public education. More can always come out, to be fair. But, if this status quo holds, people need to take to the streets. Those in charge here should be shown the door, others I have written about before deserve the same sort of exile and in the future, I might send my kids to private school if I am being honest.

At least some of those perform better, depending on where you are.



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