I am – like many who were the square peg to the round hole of where they were raised – a man of hobbies.

I like to play games, spend time with my beloved dog, read books, collect comics and art and more so than before have been focusing on the one which stands apart from these in some ways; collecting coins from various places.

As long as money has been a thing the practice and its cousin known as numismatics have been carried about by royalty, commoners and even the odd scumbag or two. Depending on who you ask I fit into one or both of the latter categories and so, having preserved various pieces since before I could drive find I am qualified to say this;


This is not something most people focus on in an era of digital transactions and struggling to get by while wealthy people get those in power to bend over or go down on two knees for whatever they want no matter how absurd, but I have never been in the most people category. I spend an hour each day reading random facts, started shaving my head long before shows like Breaking Bad made it cool and know when art has run its course.

For those unaware, we are approaching the centennial of the Washington quarter design, the Jefferson nickel and the Roosevelt dime. Each first burst onto the scene in 1932, 38 and 46 respectively (the Lincoln penny cracked the century mark in 2009, but going through why that is a waste is a whole other posting) and have had their time in the sun in my view. While it is fine with keeping Washington given his status as the founder of the nation, am I the only one who thinks the history of America is rife with iconic figures and moments which could take the spotlight?

Teddy Roosevelt is the only president to have won a Medal of Honour. He was an iconic figure and a true renaissance man so where is the scene depicting his charge during the Spanish-American War? Would it be so bad to highlight this to future generations of Americans who may not know much about his achievements?

I just finished reading a book on John Adams. Unlike many today who do not have the strength of character to stand up to overwhelming sentiment even if it is wrong, he defended British soldiers in court who killed American citizens at the height of revolutionary fervor before the war for independence broke out. This is a cool moment millions do not know about and I think it could make for an extraordinary design on one’s pocket change.

This is not about anti-Americanism and this is not about the fabled cancel culture which debate presently rages on about. I simply enjoy coinage, often ponder the designs on them and think the U.S. Mint should do better.

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