The (Likely More Than) Year of Cooking Reasonably – Recipe Two

Hello Dear Reader,

Its me here again with another installment of my cooking posting series thing or whatever the fuck it is that I am doing with these articles, to be honest I don’t really know. But hey, chronicling it is always fun and I enjoy looking back on it later, so maybe you do too right?

This week, I made “Apple Cider Pork Chops”. Essentially your standard seasoned (Salt and Pepper) piece of meat with some apple cider sauce on it, it took a half hour to cook right. Unlike the last time where I made some basic eggs for myself, this was more challenging.

I was also cooking for my roommates!


Generally, I’ve lived with some wild people. There was the extremely chill dude who had more holes in his ear than cartilage, the girl who drank enough wine to kill a gorilla and had the emotional maturity of a fruit fly and believe it or not a devout Mormon at one time. All were good people, but prone to anger if someone fucked up their food supply. So, I made the dinner with a mix of trepidation. Would they like it? I would soon find that out.

Much to my relief, they did. Both said that the food was quite delicious and that they were even impressed with my latest culinary venture. If I’ve learned anything from this recipe, its that you can’t be nervous about what people will think of your crafts, just keep making them. In time, you might even be able to turn that once-amateur talent into a cool career.

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