A Website Farewell

The following piece was originally published on GamerWho.com as my final article. Due to reasons that have still not been explained to me, it has been deleted and my account to publish on the site locked out. Posting it here for you all to enjoy. 

Hello everyone. If you take a look on GamerWho at the time of this posting, you’ll notice something a bit irregular and quite frankly bad about the site and its posted content.

All of the current articles that are most prominent in each category are written by me.

Now, if this were my own personal site (evanjpretzer.com if you were wondering.) that would be ok. But it’s not, I need to leave to allow others to contribute to this space and focus on other things. So, today after having written 20 pieces for the site (Including this one.), I am departing from GamerWho. Before I go, allow me to say some sort of wise words that I hope you’ll heed.

One, when it comes to the games you play. Be adventurous. I once had a very wise and creative person tell me that when it comes to movies, see them all. Whether it is Comedy, Romance, Adult, Horror or Action, a true creative should never limit themselves lest they miss out on a great experience. Carry that same mantra forward in your gaming lives please. I beseech you.

Two, in this industry, bullshit is everywhere. Time after time Publishers and even some Developers try to screw consumers out of their hard earned money in order to get rich off of a mediocre product. Don’t let them! If we penalize the bad guys and support the people in this space who love their fans (Looking at you CDProjekt.), things will get better. Microsoft is making Halo 5’s entire multiplayer DLC free and Ubisoft is beginning to follow suit. We can vote with our wallets and change bad practices. We only need the willpower to do so my friends.

Three, stop seeing projects through the eyes of a fan-child. Learn to be a skeptic. I can remember a time in my life where my friends and I were all discussing Destiny in the run up to its release. One bit of my friends bought into the hype based on Bungie’s prior success. I and my Hispanic friend did not. We looked rationally at the material presented and saw the game as a dull endeavor. More people need to follow our wise example in the future and think intelligently.

Four, never give up the past time. Yes, many of you will eventually get older, focus more on your career and raising a family of your own, but that should never take you away from this industry. Ours is a world where one day you can bring harmony to an alien planet beset by war and manage a city of 3 million people the next. It’s not something you should jump in and out of, but instead a past time that you should fully envelop yourself in like a fellow in a warm bath.

So, that’s it everyone. I’m gone. No, there will not be any big moment or fireworks, I will simply stop posting. I may check in from time to time, and if I do, I have no doubt the quality will continue.

Goodnight & Good Luck.

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