Harper’s Weakness? Not Knowing when to Quit

So, the other day my former country of residence had an election. By Canadian (Read: Lame and average.) standards, it was historic. The Liberal Party was attempting to come back from the brink (And also create Canada’s first political Dynasty with Justin Trudeau.) and Stephen Harper was attempting to become the 1st PM to get a 4th mandate in more than a Century. Outside of that struggle, the NDP, Greens and BQ along with other parties attempted to showcase their relevance a bit.

Once the polls closed and the results were counted, it came out that the Conservatives were routed. Trudeau became the Canadian and Liberal version of Bush 43 and Harper resigned from his position in power. Though the election was close at first, the Red’s made a comeback and were able to seize over 50 percent of the vote, earning an elusive majority government.

So what went wrong in an election where, at one point, the Conservatives were ahead in the polls? Harper simply didn’t know when to quit. Up North, so much of politics is centered on personal brand. You could have the best policy known to mankind and voters still would not put enough of your team into power if they didn’t feel good about you as a person. People are fools.

In my own view, he should have taken his party into two elections once he first gained power and then bowed out. I get that power is an addictive thing, but if the man ever wants to succeed in his goal of transforming the nation, he should have left.

In the future, I hope that the party term limits its leaders in a manner similar to what I propose. Had that been in place, maybe we would’ve seen another blue government and even avoided the legendary slaughter of the 1990’s. One can never really know, but you can’t argue that changing the man or woman in charge would make a difference. Bottom line is, brand overstay kills political momentum up north. Future Prime Ministers would be wise to finally realize this issue.

Before anyone criticizes me for weighing in on Canadian politics while residing in America, I just want to say Fuck You, Fuck You, Double Fuck You. I will write as I please and change this site for no one but me. Have a good day my diamonds.

I will try to and will likely fail or over sleep.

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