A look back

In less than two weeks (13 days to be exact), I will be done with four years of university level education. Yes, soon my parents will come pick me up and once more; I will venture down a long dusty highway back to the little town where I spent my formative years in Western Canada. In the spirit of this feat I will soon accomplish, I decided to look back on major events that I experienced during these last four years of my life, both the good and the very unfortunate.

To begin with, I have to be honest. I never intended to wind up in Pullman. In my final year of high school, I was making plans to move to California. Yes, I’d be accepted to some school out there and would spend the next few years chasing tail and spending time with my close friends. For reasons that still aren’t entirely clear, that didn’t happen and I left for the Palouse region in 2011. A little dismayed and highly unsure of what exactly I had decided to do with my life.

The first year here was…..forgettable at best. Dismayed at how things worked out for me, I just went to and from class and made no effort to get to know anyone. In my childish mind, I was going to transfer out as soon as I could so that I could head south to be with the people I still consider my family to this day. In summer 2011, I tried to do that. I was ultimately unsuccessful.

In year two, I attempted to get to know people. Now realizing that I wasn’t going to get away from Pullman and its fine residents, I attempted to fit in. First, I tried volunteering at Cable 8 (the student ran television station on campus). As I’m sure you can imagine I was my loud and bombastic self. Thus, my time with that organization was, like the Friends spinoff Joey, short.

In the summer between year two and three I went to Africa. I won’t get into the details of that trip, as I have written about it previously, but if I had to be honest, it’s where I finally grew up.

In August, I returned once more to Pullman. This year, I again continued my pattern of being the Bizzarro World version of the Lazy College Senior. That is, I did more as I got closer to graduating. Now, I was dabbling in radio (At KUGR) and even writing a column at the student newspaper (The Daily Evergreen). Winning friends and influencing people every single day.

Now, I find myself in my last year of college. After interning over the summer with a fantastic organization (Al Jazeera America), I continued my steady march towards adulthood. In the first month of this school year, I moved off campus and into a house with 3+ women as my roommates. Thankfully, that wasn’t as chaotic and utterly insane as I imagined it would be. The first semester consisted of hard work and the second has so far been centered on finding a job. Though I’ve sent out a lot of applications, I have really yet to hear from anyone at all.

Ultimately, my time in college was a mixed bag. Yes, there were people and moments I enjoyed and still love deeply. But there were also moments that made me want to pull out what’s left of my hair in frustration. Although some of those were a product of my own immaturity early on. Now, I face an uncertain future. Like a car driving through the desert in the dead of night.

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