I broke on through to the COVID-19 side

You can go through life thinking you will end up avoiding a number of negative experiences. But, like death and taxes, some inevitably come for you and so it was I experienced a recent bout of everyone’s favorite new disease.

Yes, at the end of last month and into this one I managed to get COVID-19 after years of seemingly avoiding it. I put the swab in my nose, missed some time at work, consumed a lot of medicine and was lucky it was not so bad. While my lovely wife was more waylaid, all I experienced was a cough and somewhat stuffy nose, and, just as I did with my vaccination moment, I want to share some thoughts here about what it was like to endure it as a rookie.

Mainly, I am thankful I got my shots beforehand.

For real, I think the doses of the Pfizer regiment probably got me used to the core of the disease. It has certainly evolved now and no medicine is 100 percent effective, but, they often have elements of the disease they are fighting in them and having seen relatives who are unvaccinated end up in the hospital with earlier iterations of the condition, I was so relieved I did not regress to this point. Pfizer powers Pretzer and I love it quite a bit TBH.

As well, I cannot imagine what it is like to be sick for those who have a job which requires a complete physical presence. The pain and strain are surely incalculable and I hope I am never in a similar position. In addition to one job, I also make my living as a freelance writer and was able to keep going at this when I had my cough and congestion. When my coming checks come in it will not be as if I missed any work at all and I wish others were as privileged. Alas, this is not the world we live in, but, maybe someday in the future everyone will be as fortunate.

Now, I will close with a bit of paraphrasing from a fictional Tom Hanks character and say this is really all I have to say about this experience. It can be gotten through with ease if you are lucky. All you need is a shot, plenty of medicine and a job or jobs which value you as a person. Fingers crossed I don’t get it again and in a worse time.