The City of Wausau has appointed an artist to imbue the community with the language of the soul.

According to a press release published today Dawn Anderson will be the city’s inaugural poet laureate. Societies ranging from Italy to the United Kingdom and the United States have picked such figures over the centuries to comment on special events and occasions and Anderson hopes her work also uses its power to give people a sense of optimism for the present times we live in alongside a sense of general hope for what may yet come.

“I truly believe in the power of poetry,” she said. “It helps us process our thoughts and feelings and choose happiness. A poem is shared between reader and writer. We bring our own perspective and experiences to that poem, making our own meaning. This is powerful stuff that has been ‘secret’ for far too long. Let’s write and read and share poetry, together. Along the way we will build a closer community and appreciate our home.”

The term for the position lasts two years. Anderson will share four poems each year with the community and will also participate in the Central Wisconsin Book Festival. Her first appearance will be tonight at 7:00 p.m. at the Whitewater Music Hall and according to Mayor Katie Rosenberg, she has made a strong first impression already.

“The Wausau Arts Commission appointed a highly qualified three-member jury. After meeting with Dawn, I know she is the perfect person to be Wausau’s first poet laureate,” Rosenberg said in the release announcing the role.

Top image of Anderson supplied by City.

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