The Good, The Bad and The Verdict: Fallout 4 – Automatron DLC

Hey all, me here with another critical analysis of a piece of media. Now, as this review is published on the 21st and not the DLC North American release date of November 22 I am sure you’re thinking “Daaam Evan. You must have gotten a review or into the beta or something huh?” Well, not exactly dear reader. Instead, I got the material early through tech tinkering!

After reading a post on Reddit that said you can access the DLC if you change the location of your Xbox One console to Australia, I decided to give it a try. Sure enough, it worked and I managed to install the piece of DLC that many have estimated to be worth around 15 dollars.

I finished it in one afternoon; it adds a few new achievements and is recommended for characters at level fifteen or higher. Below, you will find my impressions of this freshman DLC outing.

The Good: Two things stuck out here, character motivations and robot customization. Clearly, Bethesda is releasing content with the aim of getting players to use it to supplement their existing settlements. In Automatron, you can build cool robot guards for all the little towns you have dotted around the Commonwealth and even send them to scavenge for materials. There are no shortage of robots you can make. A Sentry with a skull for a head, sure! Want to craft a Protectron that is hot pink? Well, this expansion allows you do that dear reader.  Also, while I can’t reveal too much about the Mechanist for spoiler reasons, let’s say you should be surprised.

The Bad: As I mentioned earlier, this thing is short. When your main game allows me to invest hundreds of hours into playing it, I expect a significant level of oomph with my DLC. Like Hearthfire before it in Skyrim and Operation Anchorage in Fallout 3, the time flies by fast. As a character that was of a very high level and in possession of the entire base games robot damaging weapons, I sailed through this thing. None of it was a challenge for me. As a matter of fact, I would say that the final battle in the game was downright laughable. Like shooting irradiated fish in a barrel. Or another metaphor if you prefer, personally I think it was an utterly easy cakewalk.

The Verdict: Fallout 4 – Automatron DLC is an okay start to the digital releases that will be coming for this game. High level characters will breeze through it and low level characters will welcome the robot customization that can be explored in addition to the new weapons. For Far Harbor and whatever comes afterwards, I really expect things to scale up, Bethesda will need to be bigger, better and more bad-ass. If they don’t, I see myself pondering thoughts similar to those I had about the dreadful Arkham Knight pass, mainly wondering why I bought damn the thing.

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