The Good, The Bad and The Verdict: Deadpool

In wanting to add something more to my personal site than just my semi-professional work, résumé and writing that either takes the form of listicles or rants about my normally boring life, I decided to add a new category to the blog, reviews! Are you rejoicing? Please tell me you’re rejoicing. Yes. Starting with the most recent Ryan Reynolds helmed film; I am going to be your occasional helmsman through the river Styx that is the entertainment designed for consumers. I’ll tell you the Good, the Bad and the Verdict (That will be something like Theatre, Stream and Reject.) and then leave it up to you to make up your own smart mind, because let’s be honest, if you’re wise enough to be reading something I wrote, you probably have a useless degree or two.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s do it!

For those that don’t know, Deadpool tells the story of the Merc with a Mouth from the storied publishing house that is Marvel Comics. After Wade Wilson partakes in a risky experimental program in an attempt to cure his cancer, he is left scarred (But not broken!) and attempts to hunt down the man who ruined his life, beat him up and even decided to be a cock and kidnap his girl.

The Good: Three things that this movie executes flawlessly, the jokes, the self-aware references and the content that earns it the rare R rating from the MPAA for a film starring a comic book character. Seriously, if you’ve been waiting for a superhero film that criticizes the acting of Ryan Reynolds, includes a pegging scene (Google if you don’t know!) and talks about something smelling like a pissed on old shoe with two hobos fucking in it, this is your movie.

The Bad: For a movie that spends so much time mocking the tropes of the genre (Our opening credits list tropes instead of names! Oooh, Edgy!), it disappointingly falls into the stereotypical structure of an origin story. Hero gets powers, hero has time discovering them, and hero has initial fight before finally triumphing over villain in one final confrontation. I was hoping this wouldn’t occur, but as I have learned all too often, I don’t often get the things I want the most (Much like Peter Parker.). Structure aside, this film was shot for a low amount of money and at times, it shows. Shit, Deadpool even makes a joke about it towards the climax of the story.

The Verdict: Though I had some misgivings, I am recommending this as a Theatre movie. I’ve never liked Ryan Reynolds, but in this film he has finally found the role he was born to play. Fox, give me Deadpool 2, 3, 4, 5, Deadpool Returns, Deadpool: The Next Generation and however many more movies with various titles that can be produced. I will watch and love them.

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