Marathon County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scammer posing as employee

Phone scammers pose as any number of identities in order to steal an individual’s personal information and now, one has turned to pretending to be a member of the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office in the community.

Today the agency sent out a release detailing someone has been calling citizens pretending to be an employee and accusing people of missing jury duty before asking for personal identifying information. The sheriff does not call those who miss jury duty and residents who are selected for this are notified by the clerk of courts through the mail. The clerk of courts also will never call jurors and ask for personal information and nor will the sheriff.

Those who receive a phone call from someone who claims to be from the Marathon County Government but does not appear to be are advised to collect the caller’s name, department and phone number and say you will call them back. Numbers can be verified on the County website and, as scammers often spoof numbers so it looks like they are from a legitimate line, by verifying a number and calling back, it will ring at the correct place.