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Evan was a very professional, competent producer even at a very young age. His ability to comprehend technical information and procedures was something rarely found in production assistants. He went above and beyond to create, enhance and personalize the programs that he was involved in. We are very proud to see how far Evan has gone in his field.

Shawn Whitrow, Former Field Service Technician at Access Communications

In my experience working with Evan Pretzer I can say that he has a tremendous work ethic. One of his many strengths is his ability to adapt fully to any environment he is working in and still produce amazing quality work. He brings a very unique perspective to a project and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

Tim Jacks, Cinematographer on Box Girl

In the time we’ve worked with Evan, the thing that impressed us most was his ability to bring a bit of humanity to every piece he wrote, going out of his way to connect with the audience on a personal, human level. It’s his adaptability and aptness to resonate with readers, irrespective of their background, that sets him apart from the majority of contributors.

Preston Hemmerich, Digital Content Manager at

I do not hesitate to recommend Evan Pretzer. He went above and beyond every day at Al Jazeera America’s TechKnow program. No task was too big or too small for him. His biggest assets are his easy going attitude and his willingness to perform any task.

Suzanne Zionts, former Producer at Al Jazeera America

While hosting a radio show on, Evan was aggressive at getting interviews that helped make his show one of the more popular ones on the station.

Neil Roberts, former associate at

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