Additional work

Outside of writing, I also have skill with various other forms of media. I’ve shot and directed different types of video, interviewed people on the radio and even taken some good pictures.

Former Scientologist Radio Interview:

During my university years on the West Coast, I was fortunate enough to host a show on the student-run channel. Click the above link to check out one of my favorite interviews.

Box Girl Documentary Short:

In 2013 I was fortunate to journey to Kenya and make a film on a non-profit that teaches young women in the slums boxing as a means of self-defense and social empowerment. Here, the piece tells the story of Sonko and her experiences as an athlete and teacher.


Outside of video, audio and writing I have also dabbled in taking pictures now and then. Linked are some of the pieces I am particularly proud of. Shot on both camera and phone.

News Package on Female Runner Murders:

This summer, my masters degree program at AU put us through an introductory “Boot Camp” before we began the first semester. Linked is the video piece I made with a partner in August. She scripted it and I shot it. Though the interviews are dark, the rest works well.

Robert King Radio Interview:

Aside from my chat with the former Scientologist, I am most proud of this piece. By contacting Mr. King who was then at VICE, I showcase my bold approach to my work.

Bonus – Live-Tweeting Experience:

Wasn’t sure this belonged with the rest of my writing as it isn’t a traditional article so I decided to include it here. During the crafting of this piece, I covered a speech given by consumer advocate Ralph Nader to a Unitarian church via the website Storify.