Additional Work

Outside of writing, I also have skill with various other forms of media. I’ve shot and directed different types of video, interviewed people on the radio and even taken photos.

Former Scientologist Radio Interview:

During my university years on the West Coast, I was fortunate enough to host a show on the student-run channel. Click the above link to check out one of my favorite interviews.

Box Girl Documentary Short:

In 2013 I was fortunate to journey to Kenya and make a film on a non-profit that teaches young women in the slums boxing as a means of self-defense and social empowerment. Here, the piece tells the story of Sonko and her experiences as an athlete and teacher.


Outside of video, audio and writing I have also dabbled in taking pictures now and then. Linked are some of the pieces I am particularly proud of. Shot on both camera and phone.

News Package on Female Runner Murders:

This summer, my masters degree program at AU put us through an introductory “Boot Camp” before we began the first semester. Linked is the video piece I made with a partner in August. She scripted it and I shot it. Though the interviews are dark, the rest works well.

Robert King Radio Interview:

Aside from my chat with the former Scientologist, I am most proud of this piece. By contacting Mr. King who was then at VICE, I showcase my bold approach to my work.

Bonus – Live-Tweeting Experience:

Wasn’t sure this belonged with the rest of my writing as it isn’t a traditional article so I decided to include it here. During the crafting of this piece, I covered a speech given by consumer advocate Ralph Nader to a Unitarian church via the website Storify.















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