*Note, before you read further in this opinion piece, please be advised it contains language some would consider coarse and/or crude. So, if you can’t process this, leave now and return later.

Hello everyone, back with another occasional blog post expressing my views on the nonsense and absurdity of the day. This week, comments from two female comedians recently made the news. One called a presidential child a cunt and the other made racial comments about a person of color. Now, obviously this shit doesn’t need rehashing from me (check out the links if you want to know more), so let me get into the meat of what people need to realize and very soon.

Are you with me? Ok, good, for starters, it is never acceptable to compare a minority to any sort of animal (particularly primates), there is a decades long history of it being used by bigots and others to denigrate people and you just shouldn’t do it. Don’t compare black people to apes, don’t equate Hispanics to lizards and you know what, while we’re at it don’t even call white people crackers, it is not cool, makes you look stupid and you’ll never find a way to defend it.

But when it comes to coarse language, if someone is the right age and usually a public figure, I think it’s fine.

If ideologues want to call Ivanka Trump a cunt or any other thing, it is fine to me, it’s well within their rights to do so. She’s an adult and works in the administration, for that, she loses the pass. Now if someone said some harsh shit about the current president’s youngest son, it would not be ok. Children are off limits unless they’re working alongside their parents and/or able to vote. A while ago some people went off on the young man for some photos of him which made the rounds where he was playing with a popular toy and this behavior was not cool. He’s 12, if you’re above the age of 18 and feel the need to harshly mock someone who is not yet able to vote or drink, you should go fuck yourself. There’s no reason for it and it’s very very pathetic.

At the end of the day, we all have people in our lives and in the public space who we won’t like. At times we’ll want to scream at them and at other times we’ll feel the need to call them a variety of curse words, doing so is fine. Just don’t use bigoted language, those words are ugly and stained with a history which should ideally banish them from public alongside their utterers.

P.S. – If you’re an ideologue who thought it was good/bad when Ted Nugent called Hillary Clinton a toxic cunt and felt good/bad about Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a feckless one, you need to give your head a shake. Either the word is bad in both cases or you’re a hypocrite.  

P.P.S – I spoke to my girlfriend about this and, to be fair, I can’t really say what it’s like to be called that, obviously it’s a word used far less than dickhead or similar comments, so it does have more bite to it. Maybe by using the word more it becomes less of a big deal? I don’t know. As always, drop me a line with any of your thoughts. I’m off to sleep. 


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