Two Points to Solve the Immigration Problem

In politics, few areas of debate and often-unenlightened conversation are as tense as immigration, illegal immigration and reform of the immigration system. In some corners, people raise the point of foreigners taking their employment positions. In others, officers of the law decline to keep track of those who didn’t enter the nation through proper channels. And far too often, members of the political left and right conspire to make it harder for foreigners to come to the country so they can continue to use the issue as a means to rally their bases of support.

Personally, I’ve written extensively about this issue in the past. It’s one that is of grave importance and, having gone through the system that most of my American peers have not even the most microscopic understanding of, I think I’m qualified to present my own ideas on the issue. So, below are some points I believe politicians should adopt. I say should because let’s be honest, none of those morons really give a shit about solutions to issues, it’s all about power.

Point One

For those who believe it can be done, I say this, give up on the idea of deporting all individuals in the nation illegally and abandon the notion that if options A, B, C, D and all the way through to X are done illegal immigrants will simply stop coming into the country. NEITHER ONE OF THESE WILL EVER HAPPEN. For starters, finding so many people who are living in the shadows, rounding them up and carting them away is simply not economically feasible. In addition, much like teen pregnancy, illegal immigration is a manageable and not solvable issue. The people who want to come here illegally/have no other choice will do so no matter what you try. If you build a wall, they’ll climb over or dig under. Really, what do you expect when politicians whose words get carried in media on a global scale refer to the nation as the “Greatest place on Earth”? You think someone desperate would just call bullshit on that assertion? Ha!

Point Two

Ask any foreigner you know who is a proud resident of this nation and they’ll tell you the system designed to handle those who want to journey here is not…. up to snuff. Between high costs, incompetent workers and soul-crushingly depressing wait times for crucial documents, it’s no wonder people who aren’t insanely wealthy or already accomplished choose to swim across the Rio Grande. If I’m a father in El Salvador and MS13 is threatening my children, what is better option? Potentially waiting a decade to come to America, spending thousands and risking the death of those I love while I wait? Or choosing to go illegally, risking deportation but ultimately having my children not get killed by some heavily tattooed psychopath?

For this problem, there’s a simple solution. America should scrap its outdated, broken and outright embarrassing present system for legal immigration and replace it with a point based model. For those not in the know, this works in a simpler manner than other systems used by most nations. There’s one page with points prescribed to various characteristics (English speakers would get 5 points, those coming to the nation to start a business would get 20, etc.) and depending on the number you get, BAM! There’s your immigration status. I’ve pitched this idea to leftists and rightists and both groups dig it. You know you have a winning concept when a retired Marine from Indiana and a professional drag queen from San Francisco really like it.

Bottom Line

Solving problems is never easy. Ask people who fought for same-sex marriage, civil rights for African Americans and those who study mass-shootings and they’ll tell you it’s often a long struggle filled with little respect or recognition. But, much like those issues, doing nothing with respect to the problems plaguing American immigration is not the right course and nor is making coming here stricter. Want proof of that second point? Ask the Japanese how strict immigration impacts an economy. There, diapers for older individuals outsell those for newly born children.

Let’s not have something similar happen here.

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