The Steam Cleanse: 60 Seconds

If you’ve played a game in the last few years on the PC, chances are you’ve purchased it through Digital Distribution Service and Half Life 3 Development Distractor Steam (Because who really uses Origin?), much like an abusive partner who is also a dynamite sexual performer, the platform has a lot of good and bad to offer consumers. On the one hand, you can quickly amass a vast library of great content on the cheap and install it very easily, on the other, that vast amount of content quickly becomes a gargantuan back log most games players never end up finishing.

I was one of those people, for the last few years I had no problem dropping the odd 20 or 30 dollars here and there. As a result, I now own over 50 games on Steam. Most of which I install for a bit, play for a while and then never complete. This year, I decided to reverse that trend.

Starting with “60 Seconds”, I have decided to not buy another game other than Civilization 6 until I have completed everything else I own. Yes, it may take a while, but it’s overdue. So, today I installed the humorous nuclear survival game and made a go of lasting till the end.

At first, I ran through the home of my virtual 50’s family in a furious fluster. Grabbing objects and people at random. What was worth it I wondered? Should I grab this? Or perhaps I should double back to the kitchen and make sure I have enough food to hold out for a while. In the end, all I ended up with was a radio, a few bottles of water, and my character’s wife, daughter and son.

Day One seemed to go ok. I rationed the supplies appropriately and everyone got through it without any illness or terrors from outside the bunker coming in to end the game early. Now, there’s a law that says what can go wrong eventually will and, well, it came true in my game.

By the time I reached the 9th in game day, my virtual daughter had had enough of my bullshit decisions regarding rationing and wandered off into the wastes, never to return, although she threatened the family and left the members remaining in a rather scared and nervous state.

When I got past the 20th day, the mother had gone off on an expedition, the father had died and little Timmy had gone insane. Deciding to wear a soup can on his head and rip the stuffed head off of a teddy bear. In the end, my last character was ran off by others before she could return.

All in all, I had fun with this game. It’s a good gimmicky piece to play on a slow and dull night, but doesn’t have any legs for long-term revisiting. Give it a shot and if you’d like to see screen shots from it, look me up on Steam. I may delete them later, but they’re there for now at least.


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