Tips to Improve your Writing

Writing, as Chuck Shurley/God on the CW television series Supernatural once said, “Is hard.” That’s very true. To be able to sit down and pen an article or narrative is one of the most difficult things for some individuals to do. For others like Stephen King, it comes naturally. For those out there who want to write and are struggling, I decided put together some handy advice and a few sites you can sell that writing to in the future once you think you’re good enough. And no, just for the record I totally won’t track you down later and demand a cut of the money you made.

  1. Write consistently

To begin with, the most important tip I can give you as a writer dear reader is to do it on a frequent and consistent schedule. What a lot of people won’t tell you is that linguistics are a lot like a physical muscle. The more you exercise your way with words, the better you will be at communicating them to any audience you want to reach. Start with a blog and focus on penning one 500 word piece a week on anything you want. It can be political, sad, etc.

  1. Make a sizable digital footprint

Whether you sign up here or somewhere else, it is very important to have a sizable and vast portfolio of work which you can draw upon and reference in the future. Publishers love nothing more than someone with an extensive back catalog of material. Seek out blogs, talk to your local paper, and publish your own content on Facebook or even your personal site. As your content grows and shows up online, you’ll start to get noticed a bit.

  1. Diversify

Under no circumstances ever should you lock yourself into a box. If at any point in your writing career you look at the things you’ve penned and find that it’s all listicles or something of a similar nature, STOP AND SHAKE IT UP! Developers of video games shouldn’t lock themselves into a box and neither should you. Even Stephen King stepped away from the scary and macabre at one point to write a fantasy novel. Act the same way.

  1. And now that you’ve done all that…’s time for 5. Submitting your Work

When submitting content for publication. Variety is key. Don’t set your sights on the highbrow New Yorker right away (Though you may get there eventually!). Instead, focus on small underground magazines and publications from universities. Many of these have lax submission standards and will possibly take in your work if they consider it good enough. One Story, McSweeny’s and AGNI are a few that come to my mind, though others exist too.

So that’s it dear reader. Whether you take these tips and information and run with them is up to you. I can’t tell you any more about what you should do because quite simply, things work out differently for everyone. I wish you luck and if any of my tips help, say thank you.


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