Woody Allen might be Innocent

In the long line of scumbags that have come and gone in Hollywood without getting the fair level of criticism that they deserve from the American and international press, many names can be cited. There’s Nicholas Cage, Erin Brockovich, Matthew Broderick, Hillary Swank and even Sting. Though we all know the misdeeds of those people, none have been mentioned in the press as frequently as those of Woody Allen. The famed Director of Midnight in Paris and other films.

For those that don’t know, many years ago (Before he decided to enter into a sexual relationship with his sort of step-daughter Soon-Yi Previn.), Allen was accused by former partner Mia Farrow of sexually assaulting his daughter Dylan during a visit when his ex was not present in the house.

As the years continued, so did Allen’s career. Untainted, he continued to make the same sort of productions he’d become known for and seemingly had managed to put the story and that chapter of his life behind him. That is, until Dylan spoke about it in 2014 in a blog post.

Now, initially I had always come down on the side of her and her brother Ronan in years prior to this flare up of the story in the national news cycle. And then I read Allen’s reply to her piece.

In the response, he noted a few facts that I had never heard before in all the times I had seen commentators and various peers of mine weigh in on the issue. Mainly, his citing of the police investigation that concluded that he didn’t touch his daughter and the fact that he hasn’t ever been accused of molestation by anyone since struck a chord of sorts with me when I read it.

The doctor who examined Dylan as part of Connecticut law enforcement’s investigation into the matter concluded that the young girl was coached by her mother or fabricated the statements as the result of living in a turbulent home. And for those who would doubt the physician, he’s no nut job. If present information is anything to go on, his work at Yale suggests some credibility.

Secondly, this isn’t like Bill Cosby the Pudding Rapist or Nicholas the Wife Beater Cage. In those two incidents there is either a long line of accusers or clearly documented legal evidence. Here, it’s a case of two people going through a bitter separation and engaging in he/she said.

Yes, it’s true that a prosecutor at the time concluded that there was evidence to charge Allen, but he then decided to decline for the sake of the children. We never got to see the case made and no one had their day in criminal court. Who knows, perhaps it will happen in a decade or two?

Bottom line is this though, unless more accusers come forward or Mia Farrow decides to admit that she made all of it up to screw with her ex, the truth in this scenario will never really be known. Woody may have hooked up with a far younger lady, but he’s no Bill Cosby, for now.

I know people will excoriate and possibly criticize me for this piece, so feel free. I welcome it.


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