The Consistence of Inconsistency

One of the biggest knocks (And reasons I loathe her.) against current Democratic Party 2016 Presidential Nomination Contest Leader and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is that she would do or say anything to win an election and thus attain power for herself. We’re all familiar with it, be it her shifting positions on the TPP agreement or the rights of gay people, it seems that the former senator’s beliefs are as unstable as the sands of the vast Sahara desert.

Though that’s true, it’s a sting that seems to only stick to her for some reason. Of all the other candidates in the race who have changed their tune on something as soon as they have received more media attention or the political winds have shifted, none have been labeled flip floppers.

We all are familiar with the ludicrous malleability of the views of the current frontrunner on the GOP side, but many aren’t aware of how flexible a recent endorser of Oompa Hitloompa is.

Just before giving him his seal of approval, Joisie Goebbels (Chris Christie) was beseeching voters to not pick an “Entertainer” to succeed President Obama. Add in the fact that Governor Sandwiches blatantly lied about his past support for recent Supreme Court appointee Sonia Sotomayor and it becomes clear that Mrs. Clinton is not alone in bending frequently.

Lest you think that it’s just blustery people from the East Coast who change their positions on a dime, I would now like to turn your attention to Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The man who many assume is the Zodiac Killer likes to tell his supporters that he is consistent and has been solidly conservative on every major issue of serious importance all throughout his political career.

That, as the internet will show you, is a load of bullshit.

Do you know what eminent domain is? For those of you that don’t, it’s a concept in law that allows a city or a developer to take land from a current owner so long as they compensate that individual. Long a bane of many deeply rightist individuals, the practice would be used in order to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, in that situation, as former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart demonstrated before leaving the program, Ted seems to not be in sync with his voters.

Flipping back to the Democratic side, I turn your attention towards Senator Bernie Sanders, a man so deeply liberal my dear friend Michael Kuba probably has a framed poster of him above his bed. During his current presidential run against Mrs. Clinton, Senator Sanders has come out in favor of immigration reform. What he doesn’t like to mention? He voted against the comprehensive immigration reform bill of 2007 and was one of the only GOP allies, my my, such a change from a man whose supporters see him as reliably and remarkably consistent.

I could go on and on. You can mention Rand Paul and his shifting comments on Israel, Martin O’Malley and his former drive to capture the “Center” of American politics or even some of the hilarious buffoonery from the campaign of Jeb “Michael Scott” Bush, but it would be sad to do so and ultimately futile. None of these people say what they mean and they would all do anything to get elected. If pedophilia suddenly became popular tomorrow, I truly believe that Trump, Cruz, Rubio, O’Malley, Clinton, Jeb and Sanders would all be out advocating for it.

And that dear reader, is a horrible thing.

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