Immigration Quest Part 4: Kentucky Quagmire

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I updated you on my personal goal of settling in the United States of America and never returning to Canada and my terrible relatives. Last time, I was just heading off to America, things were looking good and I was happy. My my, how things can change. Below is yet another series of gifs that illustrate the pain that I am feeling now.

Having arrived in the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky, I then learned that in order to buy a car, I would possibly need a U.S. drivers license (Two car dealers told me two different things and my lawyer another.)…..


After speaking with my lawyer, I found out my sister was unable to sponsor me to stay in the country long term and, after chatting with my employer (I even offered to pay the cost to get the green card in advance so it wouldn’t cost them anything.), I was still told “No”, they couldn’t help…..

giphy (1).gif

Now looking for other jobs, how I felt when  I received a rejection letter from one place simply saying “Don’t Bother” and found out that due to current immigration regulations, I can’t be unemployed for even one day or I lose my legal immigrant status and work authorization….. 

giphy (2).gif

The brief uptick in mood when I got my dog (His name is Raj and I love him. To be honest he’s the only thing keeping me going.)…..

giphy (3).gif

How I feel about what I’m doing right now (Applying for graduate schools that I doubt I’ll get into and toying with selling everything I own in order to tear off overseas to the Middle East or perhaps Asia.)…..


So, that’s it everyone. I find at the moment I’m in a state of perpetual restlessness and anger. I’m bitter at my life choices, depressed and find joy in pretty much nothing. Fuck those people who think America’s immigration system is fine and that all would be okay if we “Just enforced the law”, they really are clueless twits who don’t have a grasp on reality.



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