Immigration Quest Part 3: At Long Last, America

Good News Everyone. Forgive me for starting this post by channeling my inner Hubert Farnsworth, but I am that pleased. After many, many, many, many months of searching, I have finally located and landed a job in the United States of America. Later today, I will be getting on a plane and flying east to begin my wildly successful time in the great broadcasting industry. Now that the job hunt is over, I decided to share some amusing stories from the trail with you all and my GIF visual reactions.

When talking to a news station in Texas, and I was told that I had to have a U.S. drivers license in order to go through the background check and get the job…..


Later, when after having offered to fly down there early and get a license, the same news station told me rather rudely that I “didn’t get it and clearly wasn’t a fit for their outlet”…..

giphy (1)

When a start-up in NYC emailed me a rejection letter that just said “Dude No”…..


When the woman who was going to hire me decided to abruptly resign and as a result had the job placement process suspended for an indefinite amount of time…..

giphy (2)

When I finally got into contact with a media company that actually wanted to hire me and could tell the people I care about (Not my relatives.) the good news…..

giphy (3)

So that’s where I’m at right now gang. On the long and absurdly drawn out Quest to become an American and put my current national background behind me for good, I’ve gotten a little bit closer to the end. I’ll keep you posted as more happens. There are still a lot of bureaucratic and absurdist hoops for me to jump through for a long time to come. Sadly.


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