Immigration Quest Part 2: Evan Pretzer & the Sands of OPT Time

Hello gang, it’s time for updates on the proverbial odyssey that is my journey to live in America. When I left you last, things were not great. Below, you will find a series of images that best illustrate my recent moods that have been felt when dealing with the USCIS bureaucracy.

When I found a good immigration lawyer to talk to…..


When, after speaking with the lawyer, he told me my OPT docs may run out by the time I get them due to the 90 days of inactivity rule…..

giphy (1)

So, I sat around for a few days and much to my surprise, my work documents finally got mailed…..

giphy (2)

When I found out that I was wrong on my count and realized I needed a job offer by October 5th, not September 5th to go to America…..

giphy (3)

Now, currently on my quest to find any job or internship related to my field of academic study by October 5th…..

giphy (4)

That’s where I’m at gang. To anyone across the internet who sees this, please, help me find work in America. All I want is minimum wage and a long term gig. I will give a thousand dollars to whoever gives me a lead that leads to full time work. Basically, immigrating is very hard.


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