North Korea is Worst Korea: Time to end the Coddling of the Gangster State

Hey guys, it’s pretty late where I’m at (So this may change by the time this is posted.), but one thing that has caught my eye on the internet news wires is another delightful threat from behind the Iron Deficiency Curtain on the Asian continent. According to reporting from The Mirror, North Korea has decided it will attack South Korea at 8:30 A.M. this very Saturday. Predictably, the traditional diplomatic blustering has ensued and conflict will likely be avoided yet again. The world will cheer, politicians will breathe a sigh of relief and I will continue to be tired of it all.

Yes, I may seem insane when I say this, but I hope hostilities do break out into something massive along the demilitarized zone. Too long have we allowed the evil above the 38th parallel to flourish and prosper while we laughed at their absurdity and made movies to profit from it.

Ever hear of Onsong? It’s a concentration camp maintained by the enforcer wing of the Kim Regime. Just one of many that holds a few of the 100,000 estimated political prisoners in the nation. At one point, over 5000 prisoners at the camp were alleged to have been in open revolt against the system. The army slaughtered them all without discrimination. While that was going on, you were probably laughing at Kim Jong Il insanely claiming to have invented the burger.

Has the plight of North Korea’s children ever crossed your mind? I wouldn’t imagine so either. In that country, any member of a family who breaks a law (Such as folding a newspaper in such a way that it folds any of the prison’s past or present leaders faces.) is imprisoned alongside 2 other generations of his or her family. While you were laughing at one of the Kim’s and their fascination with basketball, children not even 10 years old were being raised behind razor wire and under the watchful eye of evil men wielding machine guns that rip through human flesh.

Now, I’m sure you love China and their massive manufacturing base right? Otherwise how would you be able to afford 5 computers and 7 phones in 6 years? While you were consuming, North Korean refugees (Leaving the nation is punishable by death.) were risking their lives to flee across the border and into China for a better life (China forcibly sends back any North Koreans they find. Most are executed.). This problem is so immense that entire charities exists to help these people find the freedom they so richly deserve and that you really take for granted.

Bottom line is this friends, the situation in that part of the world has to end. And the only way that can happen is through military conflict. Yes, I was wrong about Libya and the after effects of this war are likely to be very messy, but anything is better than what we currently have. I don’t want to spend the next 40 years watching more Kim gangsters victimizing suffering people and shaking down the world order like a 1930’s mafia boss. It’s time we wipe them out.         


One Comment on “North Korea is Worst Korea: Time to end the Coddling of the Gangster State

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