Immigration Quest: Evan Pretzer & The Endless Headache

No substantial piece of writing this week everyone (I know, I’m upset about it too.). Instead, I wanted to take the opportunity to vent some of my frustration with USCIS. Coming to America through the current immigration system is equivalent to getting a colonoscopy or a quintuple bypass from someone without a medical degree who is also highly intoxicated. So below, I present to you a gif compilation that accurately illustrates my experience to date with this U.S. Government Agency. Enjoy everyone!

When I first filed the papers for work authorization……

When I was told the time period for my OPT would start on July 7th…..

When the 7th came and the papers still didn’t show up…..

When I was told that the feds don’t make up for the lost months and that I could still have to wait for 2 months or more…

When having called them today, I was told the papers should have already been delivered but they wouldn’t mail it to the address my school and federal guidelines recommended…..

Ultimately, what I’ve learned in this time period is that I do not have the necessary patience to jump through all these hoops. I’ll keep waiting I guess. To those who say the current system is fine, it’s not. Not even close to mediocre.


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