An Ideologically Free Existence

Hey Gang, I hope the weekend is treating you well. To start this piece off, I want to apologize for any incoherence or grammatical errors. Its nearly 3:30 AM, I have a new Arch Enemy and I am doing laundry. So Evan gets a pass on any writing errors he may commit. In today’s article, I want to talk about something most people don’t understand about me, my views and beliefs.

Time after time in the years in my life since I became more aware of the world that lay beyond my front door, people have assumed a good deal about me and have called me a number of names. Bastard, Handsome, Rouge, the list goes on and on. The one thing people can never crack? The place where I fall on the political spectrum that all too often shapes who our friends are, what we do for a living and even sometimes where we choose to reside in the world at large.

Quite simply, I’m nothing. Not Liberal, nor Conservative, Libertarian, Democratic Socialist or even a Green Party Ideologue. All I am and will ever be is me, Evan James Pretzer, A scrappy and eccentric ex-Canadian with a heart of stone and a head filled with various good ideas.

This doesn’t sit well with a good deal of my more fastidiously liberal and conservative friends as I am sure you can imagine. Time after time, I’ve been told by both to “Pick a Side!” or fall in line so that I won’t “Get ran over” when the important and tough times come in the future. As much as I love these people, I have to say that they are wrong and horribly misguided on this.

When you fall into a certain set of political beliefs, sure you may seem fine at first. But eventually, things start to change. In time, you only go to news outlets that reinforce your views, cease spending time with people you disagree with and if you’re totally insane, move to areas where all your neighbors share your views. Soon, politics takes over your life to such a degree that you’re making comments like these on Facebook and other places on the internet.



Why would I ever want to be like that? Once upon a time, the political process was such that voters picked the candidate who had the best ideas. People didn’t spend time shouting about pointless gaffes and trivial mistakes; instead we focused on things with substance and oomph. Now, the nation is governed by the loudest and the dumbest that rich old people decide to support. We talk of the insanity of Russian politics, but in a way, we’re not really so different.

Instead of being ruled by one man and party that whips the people into hyped up jingoistic phases of behavior, America is ran by two parties that do the same thing for themselves. Sensible and reasoned people like me end up suffering and become increasingly marginalized as a result. Resist ideology my friends, be you and you alone, because hey, the alternative is really bad.


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